Our Approach

Real Media Fusion is about making the human connection, on their terms, not ours – where and when your audience is most receptive to the message. We’re not structured like a traditional media agency, allowing silos to dictate how we build media plans. We take a 100% media agnostic approach and bring fresh eyes to each and every project we’re awarded.

With more than 25 years of experience working at worldwide ad agencies, large and small, we have developed an approach to media planning and buying that works most effectively for our clients as well as the humans with whom we’re connecting.

The secret ingredients to our success start with some really basic concepts:

Keep it Simple

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Albert Einstein said it best… “If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.” That is one of our founding principles. At a time when there are more media choices than ever, clients need a media agency that can explain their recommendations logically and back them up with sound reasoning and research. While media channels and approaches are evolving by the minute, classic planning principles still prevail.

Reach audiences the way they're consuming media

Seems like a pretty straight forward concept, yet 99.99% of media agencies and media departments are still broken down into silos, each with their own P&L. What this creates is an atmosphere where each division is vying for their clients’ dollars or trying to reach their internal budgetary goals, rather than doing what’s most effective to connect with their audience.

Conversely, we do a deep dive into multiple forms of research and insights, study from many angles, then come up with the best solution to connect with your human audience – where, when and how they are going to be most receptive to the message. We don’t segment our recommendations as Offline vs Online or Traditional vs Digital. Rather, we use a completely integrated approach to media planning that connects you to your audience using the same fused approach human beings use when they are interacting with their environment and media channels.

Thirst for Knowledge

“The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering…” –Jaggi Vasudev.
This philosophy is embedded in our DNA. We can’t help but wonder, ask questions and look for new, break through solutions.

Hub & Spoke Model

While we are a full service media solutions agency that offers intuitive, media agnostic planning and buying across all media properties; we also understand that integration needs to occur seamlessly across all disciplines. Due to our collaborative nature and long term relationships throughout the industry, we can partner with or refer any other specialties needed, including web development, PR, sports marketing, creative and beyond.


We have all seen that the larger an agency becomes, the more layers and processes are developed, resulting in a very frustrated and impatient client.

We are a boutique media shop with very few layers, allowing for quick turnaround as well as exceptionally creative and strategic media planning & buying. We combine these with the hands-on expertise of seasoned media professionals who are hungry to learn and grow, yet know from experience, what pitfalls to avoid. Budget big or small, you will consistently get the best of the best and receive your deliverables in a timely manner.

Media is in a Sea of Change

Media channels and opportunities are changing constantly, which require media professionals to think on their feet, apply knowledge to the changing media landscape, and develop best practices for a strong media solution.

Very infrequently can we simply apply a media formula we learned in college to a current day media challenge.

Media is cross pollinating with disciplines that once were very separate – lines are blurring between Media, Creative, Technology, PR and beyond. Media professionals today need to look at the holistic terrain and come up with the most effective solutions to meet the communication objectives at hand.

Multi-tasking Prevails

No longer is it just the 18-24 year olds who are multi-tasking. Look around at your clients, neighbors, doctors, gym buddies and you’ll see everyone is multi-tasking now, more than ever.

Media quintiles alone won’t tell the story. Humans are spreading their time across a multitude of channels, interacting with some separately, but more times than not, interacting with multiple channels simultaneously. Most people have their favorite TV programs, cable networks, social media sites, wearable technology apps and it is a skilled media professional that can bring to light a clear picture of the audience media usage habits, to create a customized media mix for each unique campaign.

Additionally, these same audiences are looking for particular types of content on specific media channels with a customized message. How many times have we received an email from an auto manufacturer from which we recently purchased a car, asking us to become a customer or buy a vehicle we just bought from them??? Shotgun messaging, just like shot gun media targeting, doesn’t work anymore. We have moved to an age of customization.

Big Data

We have seen a shift in emphasis from the “Big Idea” to “Big Data”. Data is being used on the front and back end of media planning and buying.

On the front end, we can use data collected from digital retargeting efforts to fine tune traditional and digital plans to reach the precise target audience. Google trend analyses are being used to develop succinct seasonal targeting based on when audiences are searching key words.

On the back end, data is being used more and more to analyze effectiveness of buys and guide optimization. Clients are used to the data they can get from digital properties and are now expecting that same type of accountability across all media channels. Media attribution is still evolving. While we can attribute where a lead is coming from when a human is surfing the web, no one has yet come up with a truly accurate and effective means of attributing leads across the vast media landscape. Until that happens, media professionals need to help their clients develop solutions that best measure the effectiveness of their campaigns with the tools we have at our disposal.

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