What We Do

Media is all we do, every day. We are innovative, creative, nimble, service oriented and data driven. Our mission is not to disrupt, but rather to make our clients’ brands or services stand out in positive and memorable ways.  We have in-depth experience working with Consumer, B2B, DTP and HCP audiences.


Before we develop a media plan, we analyze numerous resources including, but not limited to:

  • Secondary research including demographic, psychographic, brand and media usage habits, competitive spending and seasonality trends
  • Data available through the public domain
  • Proprietary research available from clients
  • Experience with similar categories or target audiences
  • Past performance

Once a campaign has launched, we continuously analyze and optimize the media schedule to most effectively and efficiently achieve our clients’ goals.


RMF’s media planning process begins with a comprehensive media brief that outlines our clients’ objectives and parameters. We then apply our research insights and experience with the media channels that best reach the clients’ audience when they are in the right mindset and environment to receive and act on the message.

We consider ourselves architects of media. We develop media blueprints that best reach the target audience and achieve our clients’ goals. We are always looking for new and unique channels to get our clients’ brands noticed. Our media architects are trained to develop multi-channel plans including:

  • Linear and OTT Video
  • Traditional and Streaming Audio
  • Digital and Print Magazines
  • Static and DOOH
  • Place-based / Point-of-Care
  • Paid Search
  • Programmatic
  • Paid Social Media
  • Site Direct
  • Experiential
  • Emerging Media


Once our media blueprints are approved by the client, our media specialists then negotiate, activate and optimize the schedules. In the same way a homeowner wouldn’t want a Handyman installing their plumbing and electric, we don’t have media generalists buying all media channels.


Our media architects ensure all campaigns stay on time and on budget as well as track performance.

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